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Poetic Spring

The magic word is new simplicity.

Spring Prime

Premium collections for fashion lovers.

Cirque Maison

Bring the poetic circus world into your home and invite objects and black and white inspirations to settle in with you.

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With gift baskets or boxes from Globus you can’t go wrong.

Caviar from Globus

With our new selection, we offer you a globally unique range of caviar.

Spring Show

Urban business is the trend in men’s fashion.

Poetic lingerie

Blossoms and ornaments inspired by Japan and the Orient awaken fresh spring feelings.

Michel and Sébastien Bras

Each menu is like a musical masterpiece, a perfectly structured and finely tuned composition, each course a declaration of love for the authentic taste of nature.

Tradition and future

Victorinox has the right tool for every task – and has done for 130 years.

The Glacier Fondue

The Glacier Fondue from Sennerei Pontresina tastes as good as homemade and never fails to delight.

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Wine & Spirits

Browse our fine selection of wine and spirits as well as the very attractively priced offers.

Wellness at Globus

Forget the daily grind, treat yourself to a timeout at Globus Zurich Bahnhofstrasse, Bern Westside or Lausanne.

For tourists

Tax-free shopping

If you reside outside of Switzerland you can save money when you shop in our Globus stores.

Cadeau Card - the electronic voucher

It’s easy to give the right present, so spread a little joy with the Cadeau Card.