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diptyque is a contemporary, emblematic, pioneering PARFUMERIE Maison; a discreet precursor of authentic luxury and the art of living through the senses, where fragrance and art are integral to everything. Since 1961, diptyque has been constantly innovating, to offer truly surprising olfactory collections, as well as facecare and body care. In 1963, the first decorative scented candles were launched with original fragrances that are still to this day of absolutely incomparable quality, followed by innovative fragrance diffusers that combine the most advanced technology with the noblest traditional craftsmanship. From the day its first store opened at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, diptyque has also been offering collections of interior decorating items with evocative narratives that add extra soul and charm to any home. Every day, with sincerity, bold liberty and whimsy, diptyque continues to uphold its free-spirited, artistic approach, hovering between tradition and avant-garde, fascinated by eclectic, fertile encounters. In a constant search for excellence and rare, top quality raw materials, diptyque draws inspiration from the past to reinvent the future, to surprise and offer imaginary journeys of the mind and the senses through each of its creations. It’s almost 60 years of free-spirited, artistic Parfumerie, rooted in joyful creativity and enchanting, eclectic encounters.


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