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Ultimate Wonder Plants


Ultimate Wonder Plants Weiss

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Farbe: weiss

Grösse: 23cm x 28cm x 3.3cm

Menge: 1

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    Artikelnummer: 1291407700
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    Irene Schampaert , Judith Baehner
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    Anzahl Seiten: 304
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    Auflage: 2021
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    Made in Europe
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    "The botanical trend tends to grow" -

    Ultimate Wonder Plants bundles together the best and most beautiful plant-filled interiors from all over the world, inspiring you to create a green oasis of your own. It includes a helpful plant overview section and a number of useful tips and tricks for selecting and maintaining your personal urban jungle. This is the ultimate urban plant bible and a practical reference book, the perfect resource for bringing more green into your daily life.

    Praise for Wonderplants 2 9789401449274:
    "A luxuriously illustrated coffee-table book, Wonder Plants may have significant side effects. The overload of green interior design might have you grow green with envy and scurry off to a nearby garden centre." - ELLE
Über den Autor
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    Irene Schampaert works as a graphic designer and has been blogging about design in the broadest sense of the word, as well as colours and patterns, decoration and design, typography and photography for years. Judith Baehner is an author, blogger, freelance editor and stylist for just about anything that makes life a little more green. She previously published The Plants Lab.
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