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The Cradle of Dior Perfumes

The Grasse region in southern France is closely tied to the history of Dior. Christian Dior himself settled near Grasse, to cultivate Dior flowers for Dior fragrances. Today, Dior has chosen the incomparable climate of Grasse and its unique terroir to cultivate its May rose and jasmine.

François Demachy

The Embodiment of Dior Creation

As Dior Perfumer-Creator, François Demachy embodies the expertise and great creativity of Dior perfumes. At the heart of Grasse, lies his creation atelier, where every Dior fragrance will be created from now on.

Dior Flowers for Dior Perfumes

A Quest for the finest ingredients

To bring Dior Fragrances the finest Ingredients, François Demachy travels the world in search of raw materials with rare qualities.




Dior Make-Up, an Ode to Creation & Color

"Why deprive Women of the Prestige and charm of Colour?"

This quote from Christian Dior inspires each house creation, as colour truly lies at the heart of Dior's modern and inventive spirit.


Born Backstage: Pro Makeup expertise

From catwalk show to catwalk show, couture and beauty are combined through the make-up looks that Peter Philips designs especially for the occasion.



Dior Skincare: 100% Made in Dior

From design to development, every stage in Dior skincare is integrated by the House. This "100% Made in Dior" promise offers - beyond highly performant product - safety and security for the skin.


The Pioneering spirit of Dior Science

Dior Innovations center worldwide. France - Shanghai - Tkoyo - Seoul. 350 specialized researchers coverting 25 fields of expertise more than 1000 hours of work for each Dior's formula.


The Power of Nature at the heart of Dior Skincare

Dior Gardens around the world with organic cultivation in open-ground Unique molecular identification to understand the powers of flowers for the skin.

Up to 94% of ingredients of natural origin in Dior's formula.